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November 10, 2012


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I have  seen a  fair share of horrible visual medias within my life  .  The Super Mario Bros live action movie,  Legend of Chun il, Kazam,  Space Jam, Twilight,  North,  Transformers  2 , the Star  Wars Prequels and  Biodome but  i can  safely say that they're all  masterpeices of  work compared to  fucking  School Days.  School Days is a romantic  anime  minus the romance and a anime that would be more in common with Hostel than  it would be with a  legit Shojo anime.  If i had a choice between being buttfucked by  a radioactive  HIV positivie  ape  while my balls were caught in a bear trap and  my nipples were being electrocuted  by a car battery while i'm being forced to   drink the mixture of buffalo shit and  elephant shit and  watching School Days, i rather do that than to  even watch School Days.

Did i watch School Days   ?   Only the ending and  frankly that's  all i really need  to  watch. My friend  draconichero18  saw the anime and he wasn't lying when he said this was the worst shit he's ever seen.    What i'm going to  is merely comment on  stuff about the anime based on what i read on the wiki because watching more than 5 minutes of this shit   is too much for me.

First the  characters .

Makoto:  An annoying dumbass who isn't the least bit likable but  compared to the other two , he's the best and you'll see why soon enough.  He's  a creepy little shit that seems to have a bit of  a stalkerish complex at first but  trust me when i say you'll begin to hate this character even more.  He cheats on his girlfriend Konohtoa with this other girl   named  Sekai  and throughout the time , he never breaks it off with his actual girlfriend which causes the girl to suffer immensely. Worse yet, this moronic cunt  cheats on both girls with a girl called  Otome within the 8th or  9th episode .  My biggest problem with this moron is that  he's  a sexist stereotype of teenage boys who only think with their penises and i  personally  find him to be as likable as Jar Jar Banks.

Kotonoha:    Probably the most  sympathetic character from the beginning given she really loved  Makoto however her actions in the end ruin that  entirely to the point her  jackass boyfirend is  more likable in comparison.  Her story is actually quite sad and tragic given the fact she's  bullied and even in one insistence  raped ( Because this anime couldn't get any more mean spirited ),   what makes me  lose  sympathy for her  was the brutal cold blood murder of Sekai and  the decapitation of her former boyfriend, why not kill your rapist  instead you dumb bitch ?   That way you can have a  bit more sympathy from  us  but no, you had to kill  Sekai  just because of a petty issue of dating   .  Kotonoha is  a sexist portrayal of teenage girls   and how weak and fragile they are without a man by their side and apparently  women resort to killing their ex lovers and their current girlfriends because they are too stupid to move on with anyone else.

Sekai :  I hate  her, i hate her  , i fucking hate her.   Ladies and gentlemen, the most  evil, callous bitch in existence. Seriously,  Adolf Hilter   must of had raped a  goat to span this  hellspawn.  This bitch  purposely tears apart a loving relationship with Makoto and Kotonoha and puts the ex girlfirend through hell .  This girl  mad that  after Makoto rightfully dumped her ass and when back to Kotonoha does the most logical selfless thing,  killing Makoto  .  Seriously  , what an evil cunt.     She basically murdered the guy she wanted just  to make  sure  Kotonoha doesn't have him .    Kotonoha  was so right about killing her , this bitch is the  worst  of humanity.

So yeah there are  Zero  likable characters in this delightful trainwreck.  Now for the  ending and my thoughts on it.. It was far more painful to watch than i thought. You would think the killing off of these godawful characters would be satisfying but no it turns out to be the worst part.

I mean sure i shouldn't care about either of them but my question is why the flying fuck would Sekai brutally kill the man she was in love with ? Sure he was a dick but still, that's your brilliant fucking idea to make sure he doesn't leave you ? Yeah genius idea to kill the man you love so you can't actually get children and serve 25 to life.

And the way this was done further disturbs me and further just shows how unlikable the female leads are. They seem to almost take pleasure in such a twisted act.

And the whole cellphone text thing as a calayst to the brutal murder just further disturbs me given how pre mediated this is . How evil you have to be to stab a loved one repeatedly with a knife and how more twisted do you need to be to think this up ?

And not to mention the bitch Sekai who's the one who stole Makoto from Kotonoha and what does she do ? fucking murders the guy she stole from the girl ? WTFF ?

And you also have to love how Kotonoha also has slimair low value on human life given the methodical ease she kills Sekai though to be fair to Kotonoha ,Sekai deserved to die.'

But given the fact Kotonoha took the severed head of Makoto for herself, it makes you wonder if she was going to kill Makoto as well if he wasn't already killed by Sekai

Even Micheal Meyers and Freedy Kurger aren't this sick and twisted . Makoto is a moron who makes Natsu and Luffy look like rocket scientists, Kotonoha is a twisted pscyhopath that makes the Joker seem sane in comparison and Sekai is simply the devil in the from of a high school Japanese girl. She's so evil , that i can't even find a villain evil enough to compare Sekai to.

THIS  ANIME FUCKING  SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be  fair this anime was based on a godawful  PS2 game  that's also  named  School  Days .  PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PlayStation Portable (PSP). The story, a dramatic slice-of-life, follows Makoto Ito, a high school student who becomes the ambivalent love-interest of several girls during his second term, and the effects this has on himself and his relationships with other characters. Though the game requires little interaction from users, School Days engages the player through a plot that they are given opportunities to change the course of during play. The game concludes with an ending specific to the outcome of the story, some of which became notorious for their graphic violence.

Believe it or not, there are  several endings to this happy trainwreck and   all of them are terrible.  

To my understanding, there are several other endings to them.

This is probably the best one , that bitch Sekai getting killed however that is instantly ruined by the fact she killed her in board daylight and that she took way too much joy in killing her. Sure Sekai was an unlikable cunt who deserved death but it's one thing for us to wish for her to die and an completely different thing to commit the murder yourself over a petty issue such as romance. This just makes Kotonha a fatal attraction and too dangerous to function in day to day life, also like how no one notices the fountain of blood or blood curling scream despite being on a overpass with several people nearby.


Now here's the worst one with Sekai killing Konothoa. Seriously aside from the fact that Sekai is possibly Satan , the logical factors to this make zero sense. It's one thing to steal a woman's man but it's another thing to murder her in broad daylight, especially in front of the man you're after . God, even Charles Manson would be sane in comparison. Also i love how Sekai is within a crowd of witnesses and yet no one bothered to call the cops or no police were present at all in a train station, especially within the post 9/11 world.…

I honestly can't even comprehend how this was made or why this game even  ranked as the best-selling visual novel in Japan for the time of its release, continuing to chart in the national top 50 for nearly five months afterward and go on to produce two sequels. It's  horrible, badly wirrten and the characters  are terrible.  The  romance fails because  it's really just about sex and betrayal  and any tension of romance is lost by the mean spirited cold blooded murders that happen in the end and every girl that Makoto chooses in the other endings just end up dying anyways so all romance is lost . The sex  falls because it's far too softcore and the pesudo romance  just makes it boring vanilla hentai , not to mention the rape  of Konotha or the implied  rape of her  makes this  vastly unenjoyable combined with the cheating and the fact none of these characters look like high school characters  and the girls have no ass or boobs so it just comes off as Loilcon and the drama is mean spirited and horrible.

I've lost all hope of  this world and i  really hope at this point  2012 really does happen.  I may be an atheist but i think  this anime can be a great argument for satan's existence.   Hell not even  Twlight is this bad,  yes people there is a  romance series worse than fucking Twlight.  

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I got nailed this one. I had checked this out mostly out of curiosity when I heard how bad it was. I mentioned of some it in my other rant so I got nothing I can really add, but....that school Sekai and Makoto go to should be wiped out of existance...nuff said. Most of the students seen are just....I just can't think of the words.

Although I had ever heard that it was Sekai who was the half-brother of Makoto...gross, but not 100% confrimed.

Back to HOTD rant...
I thought you liked HOTD?
I did, but I became increasingly "bothered" by Takashi's actions with Saeko being one of them which has me seething with rage and Rei's who I believe told Takashi about letting Shido live and now she makes the same mistake, I swear she will regert it big time.

But Saeko and Kohta are still cool in my book through.
I see. Sorry to say I still really like Rei.
that is your opinion so I am not holding it against you so no worries.
Yeah , btw nice Sephrioth avatar, hopefully he can drop a meteor on that school.

I wouldn't be surprised at this point.
:iconsephiroth12285: meteor drop should take care of that mess of an school. All things considered I just don't understand why it wasn't closed down. If that many students were engaged in such...ahem...sexual acts why weren't there any pregeant teens or something. I am sure with Makoto alone it would have brought up alot of red flags. It just needs to be wiped out.

I agree....
It's not so much sexual acts, i mean what teen doesn't have sex, it the fact these kids are such violent unlikable hellspawn that murder and rape.Make it two meteors just for good measure.
I agree completely on that, its almost hard to fathom that one school alone managed to obtain such a collection of hellspawn which begs the questions what the parnets might have been like *shiver*

Yeah...if the kids are this bad better to get the parnets too to keep them from producing new ones.
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