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It's now officially the 3rd month anniversary since the GamerGate Hashtag took off and exactly this time period when the Gaming Journalism Press took their shots at the Gaming Community. It's nearly been 3 months since i gave my special commentary on the GamerGate issue that started off with the massively scandal that was Zoey Qunin and the much larger scandal that was the censorship of the gaming press, now it's 3 months later and the battle within GamerGate is far from over, if anything the stakes keep getting higher. Frist it was merely a love affair between a hypocritical,amoral Feminist and her employer and colleagues behind her boyfirends back, then became a mass censorship campaign on the internet, it then evolved into a gaming press assault on gamer, then a mainstream press attack on gamers. Now 3 months in, this scandal has now started to hit the political governments not just here in America but throughout the west however America has the most to lose.

On August 27,Adam Baldwin developed the Hashtag GamerGate noting the slimiartes between the GamerGate issue and the WaterGate scandal that ultimately brought down Richard Nixon and there are plenty of slimairtes to be made. What started as merely a petty criminal break in into a hotel turned into a national investigation that ultimately exposed the corruption within the Nixon Administration and ultimately the institutional corruption within the Two Party System. If GamerGate were to ever be looked back in history, it would of started as a trivia love affair and ended exposing the massive Feminist Industrial Complex which has hijacked the entire political system and has control of the media we watch. It may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory but think of it this way, how is it that Anita Saresikann can casually hijack the Colbert Report, a show that is critical of all politicians and even SJW's ? Are we to believe there aren't Muilt Billion Dollar Special Interests involved in this when everything we've seen so far proves that case and more importantly, how does this affect the overall problem in our political system ?


The very video that started the mass Censorship was Mundanne Matt's"Helll hat No Fury like a lovers scorn " discussing Eron's post, highlighting the hypocrisy in games journalism, and questioning the ethics and integrity of some in the games industry 2 weeks prior to Gaming's declaration of war,had the Games Jounralists simply came out and apologized, this scandal wouldn't be going into it's 3rd month however leave it to Zoey Qunin to issue aDigital Millenium Copyright Act takedown notice on Mundane Matt's video, alleging copyright infringement due to the use of a static screenshot(DMCA notice). The video is taken down by Google. (The DMCA order would later be released on ~Aug 21st). The following day, the now defunct Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases a video discussing the ongoing fallout from Eron's post, and its implications for the state of games journalism. The video also discusses the suppression of the TFYC scandal on game news sites.

The very same day, Prominent Youtube video game critic and commentator John Bain -- better known by his handle Total Biscuit -- makes a twitlonger post discussing the Quinn scandal, criticizing the use of DMCA requests to take down critical work and mentions that "Games journalism as a whole has a massive nepotism problem, encouraged by the publishers and developers and actively partaken in by many outlets.". He also notes the confusion and already intense debate surrounding the scandal. TotalBiscuit's twitlonger post is submitted on Reddit to the /r/gaming subreddit forum. To prevent discussion, /r/gaming moderators end up deleting almost 25,000 comments in the thread.. One of the /r/Gaming moderators was revealed to have been in contact with Quinn. The same moderator stated that the mass deletions were to prevent "doxxing".Gamers unable to speak in /r/gaming flood into related subreddits such as /r/games, which have also been deleting comments.The moderator XavierMendel of /r/Games was later removed from their position for resisting the extensive censorship taking place on reddit, and gave an audio interview audio interview, and made two written accounts detailing the heavy censorship of the scandal which took place in the /r/Games subreddit alone between Aug 18th to the 22nd, includinganual and automatic deletions, and shadowbanning of users. 

The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC), a gamejam dedicated to helping women get into the gaming industry, posts an interview video describing how Zoe Quinn tried to shut down their charity and how one of her associates doxxed one of their members, which lead to their project almost shutting down completely.4chan donates enough money to TFYC to unlock the reward allowing them to create a character for use in their game, resulting in the creation of Vivian James. The female gamer character is designed with input from 4chan users, and will appear the upcoming TFYC game 4chan posters are now helping to fund. Vivian James later becomes one of the major memes in the #Gamergate scandal. 

Youtuber and prominent MRA Karen Straughan appears on the Honey Badger Radio discussing the ongoing scandal and the surrounding censorship : "Discussing Zoe Quinn and Feminist Mean Girls". It was around that point that i saw the slimairtes between the mass censorship and demoniziation of gamers and the mass censorship and demonization of the MRA's and describes the meansprited nature of the modern Feminist movement, it was around this moment that i've become more sympathetic to the MRA's cause against Radcial Feminism.

It didn't take long before the Gaming Journalist press took their own shots at Gmaers for seemingly allying themselves with the "EVIL MRA'S" and started their online assault on gamers. The first shot was fired by Journalist Devin Faraci, writer for badassdigest, tweets that Quinn's detractors were worse than ISIS. Yes apparently siding with the MRA's who are mainly Atheistic, Libertrain , Anti War and egilaiatrain are comparable to Far Right Extremists who behead people who disagree with them. It get's better. Much like how the MRA's have been demonized with the term "misogynists " for daring to question the  Feminist establishment, we see the very same demonization of gamers as misogynists  we see the same use of "culture of intimidation" being used to silence critics.

It wasn't long until after the GamerGate Hashtag was formed that we see the real shots fired.  The "Gamers are Dead" articles - A blitz of anti-gamer articles begins to hit the web from various games journalist sites. Articles originate from a variety of sources including, but not limited, to Gamasutra,Destructoid, Kotaku, RockPaperShotgun,ArsTechnica,Vice, Buzzfeed,The Daily Beast, and Dr. Nerdlove.

It was at this point that gaming became much more than just Zoey Qunin, if anything people at this point stopped caring about Zoey Qunin and went after the much bigger fish that is Gaming Journalism.The articles constitute a massive smear campaign by the online games media on the worldwide gaming community. Many of the articles explicitly tie the previous scandal stemming from Eron Gjoni's revelations into the recent threats faced by Anita Sarkeesian. Editorial collusion between games websites in the creation of this narrative is heavily suspected. These suspicions are later validated by the UK journalist Milo Yiannopoulos' exposure of the secretive GameJournoPros mailing list..Yes it was at this point that a very Left Wing Libertrain who hated the GOP with a passion, became a daily reader of Birebart, because of the journalism of based Nero.

If anything rather than destroy Gamers, they're made them allies with people they normally wouldn't ally with it. I found myself alling with MRA's despite my own disagreements with them in the past, i found myself alling myself with Moderates like Based Nero and i even found myself alling with the few Conservatives who speak in favor of GamerGate. Which is why i found myself in joy when Second wave Feminist scholar Christina H. Sommers made a tweet on how gamers are not political , and are not hurting anyone. Sommers later notes that are being bullied by gender-war opportunists, and are no longer being defended by their own press.

Youtuber InternetAristocrat releases the third video the following day, covering the earlier denial and censorship of the games press, in contrast to the ballooning nature of the scandal and gamers' intense discussions. The escalation to derision of gamers culminating the in the "Gamers are Dead" article is noted. The connections of many individuals involved to the PR company Silverstring Media are also discussed. This was at the point were we see the money adding up and the point that would connect the opposition of GamerGate to Muilt Billion Corporations with a immense political stake into this fight.


Operation Disrespectful Nod is launched on Github. Operation Disrespectful Nod is an email campaign to cut off ad revenue from anti-gamer journalists by contacting their advertisers.The respone of the SJW controlled media is to turn this into a race, sex and ideological issue which  it's to the best of the agenda of the SJW's to make this all about race and sex and paint Gaming as merely a "White Boys Club". Hence why to counter the propaganda and misinformation Ninouh90 creates the NotYourShield hashtag, in which minorities and women call for games journalists to stop using accusations of misogyny and racism to deflect discussion of corruption in the industry i became NotYourShield. However it wasn't long before Zoey Qunin herself attempted to dismiss the  NotYourShield as a bunch of sockpuppet accounts on 4 Chan made by white men.

On Sept 15, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has an AMA on reddit's /r/technology subreddit. User "ShaskaOtselot" asks for Julian's opinion on reddit's censorship of GamerGate,and it is revealed that ShaskaOtselot has been shadowbanned by the admins. Initial speculation led people to believe ShaskaOtselot was banned for asking a question about GamerGate,but further digging concluded they were banned prior to the AMA. However, some users speculate that ShaskaOtselot was shadowbanned for GamerGate-related reasons. It is not known if there has been any confirmation from the admins.

The next day The American Enterprise Institute uploads a YouTube video as part of Christina Hoff Sommers' Factual Feminist series, titled "Are video games sexist?"I''ll be upfront, i'm not a fan of the The American Enterprise Institute. They're too Conservative leaning in general and part of this disingenuous campaign of denying Climate Change which is a reality that affects the world given they're given money from oil comapines to write Climate Change Skeptic articles, there was also them being Pro Bush and Anti Obama double standard i take issue with as well, however unlike SJW's , i can find some common ground with the AEI when it comes to people like  Ayaan Hirsi Ali and of course Christina Hoff Sommers and if anything, the video "Are video games sexist?" was so good, i actually subscribed to the AEI's Youtube page despite my general disagreements with them and watch the Factual Feminist on a weekly basis.

Then came Sept 17,Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart publishes an article exposing the "GameJournoPros" Google Groups list and emails. Once again, much like the AEI, i had a great distrust with the Breitbart Network and kinda a bone to pick with them.They're mainly a massively partisan,Conservative news site that most of the time plays for one side of the useless, corrupt and broken two party system. For example they're infamous ACORN hoax videos or their friends of Hamas video and Milo himself is questionable given his own history of bashing Games, however when i read the article, i put my own personal hatred of Breitbart aside and sided with Breitbart because when it comes to gaming, political teams and parties shouldn't matter and whether Nero is doing this for his personal gain or generally cares about internet free speech.Milo himself has admitted to making fun of gaming as well as the Gamer persona in the past but has since felt that such commentary and view points were unjust and uninformed so i put my own past disagreements with the site aside.

However that came with massive Feminist backlash as now the very same Feminists and Anti Gamer Gate people who accuse the GamerGate side of harassment and doxxing are now the one's doing said doxxing and harassment. If anything around the same time as the GameJournoPros were exposed, the GamerGate side was hit by a betrayal within their own ranks.Chris Poole aka. moot returns to 4chan after attending the XOXO fest in Portland, OR. moot releases a statement that #GamerGate threads are being deleted from 4chan because "they violate our blanket 'no personal information / raids / calls to invasion". 4chan users report that multiple threads about corruption in gaming journalism are being deleted from /v/, /pol/, and even /b/. The 4chan userbase splits, with many members leaving for 8chan.

Nearly a month later inspite of gaming being declared dead and gamers being declared dead,Gamergate breaks one million tweets. However the SJW's fought back with a vengeance, doxxing GamerGate supporters like King Of Pol and Based Nero himself and even attempting to silence Davis Aullmnio and Jordan Owen, prominent critics of Anita Sareskian who were developing their film The Sarkeesian Effect. Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, tweets that many people find the Sarkeesian Effect documentary to be "hurtful and exclusive" and considers taking it down. Patreon later decides not to take down the Sarkeesian Effect account.This action showed how desperate the lunatic fringe elements of Feminism were willing to undermine free speech in their favor.

The silencing tatics were hardly a isolated incident as KotakuInAction posters report seeing over 1,700 twitterbots spamming #GamerGate tweets. The SJW's were using bots the same way Creationist used bots to combat the wave of Youtube Atheists and Creationists critics back within 2007-2009 which is ironic considering Youtube Atheist Veteran Thunderf00t has constantly compared the Modern, Third Wave Feminist movement to Creationist movements he's battled in the past as well as Scientologist. This comparison intensifies as rumors spread of SilverString Media bringing in PR teams to do damage control on GamerGate. 8chan posters suggest that PR will attempt to neutralize the uproar from gamers with an attack from moderation. Little did we expect was our suspicions to be right as the following month would be the Media Blitz against GamerGate.


A user on /r/kotakuinaction who sat in on Eron Gjoni's court case reports that the judge invoked a 209a restraining order against Eron until 2015. The post continued by stating that the judge viewed Eron's intention to publish public court documents as ‘intimidation’ against his ex-girlfriend. The hearing lasted about ten minutes, after which Eron's attorney was sufficiently outraged that he offered to take Eron through a substantial portion of the appeals process pro bono.This was among the frist shots fired with the attempt to damage control the GamerGate supporters and try to silence the voices of GamerGate. 

The opposition to GamerGate continues to paint every critic of GamerGate as reactionary, Far Right Wing Authoritarian MRA racists and Misogynist( Despite the MRA's being mostly libertarian and strongly Anti Racist and Sexist ) which in response to this misinformation, A kotakuinaction survey reveals that many members of GamerGate tend to fall under the left/libertarian end of the political spectrum but i'll get to that much later. 

GamerGate celebrates it's major victory as intel's decision to drop advertising from Gamasutra, we also got Totalbiscuit to tweet support for GamerGate. Totalbiscuit reveals that advertising agency Plaid Social offered YouTubers deals to receive pre-release copies of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor in return for favorable reviews which further proved corruption and collusion within the Gaming Industry.

However this further showed the true players and colors of the vast media conspiracy against freedom of thought and speech as we see the true colors of the Anit GamerGate crowd. Jimmy Wales, the guy who runs Wikipedia tweets "I'm discovering that the number of jerks advocating for #gamergate is vast." which shows he's on the Anti GamerGate side which was to be of no suprise given the lack of criticism of Third Wave Feminists in Wikipedia articles and the fact he continues to allow Radical Feminists to hijack Wikipedia and Robert Ohlen, the CEO of Dreamhack, the largest LAN party in the world, calls people that support the #GamerGate hashtag "retards" and "asshats" on Twitter. So yeah that's exhibit A of the rumors of Sliver-string damage control being applied as we have Muilt Billion dollar companies and corporations coming against GamerGate.

Exhibit  B of the Sliverstring Media damage control is the Media Blitz itself. Brianna Wu cancels an interview with Milo Yiannopoulos without a previous notice for going to an interview in  MSNBC, Milo explains the situation in detail on his radio show. MSNBC(Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company) covers the Gamergate controversy. Joy Reid invites Eric Johnson writer for "Re/Code," who made claims about sexism in the gaming world and Brianna wu who claimed to receive threats from "Gamergate". Being this the first coverage of GamerGate by mainstream media.Eric Johnson is later revealed to be one of these SJW connections to Sliver String Media

We then see the same thing within the following day. Erik Kain, Frederick Brennan (AKA "Hotwheels"), and Brianna Wu attend a Huffington Live Post segment. Zoe Quinn was originally scheduled to appear, but she canceled her appearance on the show after finding out that she would be speaking alongside the founder of 8Chan. The very same day,Erik Kain and Brianna Wu appear on a BBC world service podcast(Gamergate segment starts at 16:50). Kain describes conflict of interest problems in the gaming industry while Brianna insists that Gamergate is all about sexism. Wikileaks tweets encouragement for GamerGate and states that media corruption goes up to the top with the BBC and Google and it confirms the Sliver String connection that Sargon of Akkard and King Of Pol suspected.

In response to the assault against them, Three Pro Feminists that support GamerGate ,Jennie Bharaj, Georgina Young and Jemma Morgan attend a Huffington Live Post segment where they provided perspective on GamerGate from the perspective of three pro-gamer women.

CNN interviews Kotaku writer Evan Narcisse which says #GamerGate refers to debates of the definition of video games the gamer identity and blames threats against Anita Sarkeesian to #GamerGate feeding more misinformation of GamerGate. Richard Quest from CNN Interviews Brianna Wu on the death threats she claimed has received form #GamerGate. At the same time, The official Raspberry Pi twitter account endorses the #StopGamerGate2014 hashtag.

What further confirms this conspiracy is Gawker itself, one of the largest "Progressive" Media outlets on the internet . Gawker Writer Sam Biddle tweets that "#GamerGate is reaffirming what we've known to be true for decades: nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission."Biddle later brags that Gawker Senior Editor Max Read gave him a raise for his comment. This started the GamerGate war against Gawker and we damaged them badly by having ads pulled from their site, in response, Gawker doubled down on their White Knighting as  Max Read, editor in chief of Gawker, publishes an article in which he calls GamerGate "dishonest fascists," calls Intel "craven idiots" and "pusillanimous morons," and states that he is not apologetic for Sam Biddle's Bring Back Bullying comments.

Exhibit C of Sliver String Media control is this scripted "Death threats" convoesrty regarding both Brianna Wu and   Anita Sarkeesian. What caused the media blitz in the frist place. Brianna Wu claimed she got death threats for her support of  Anita Sarkeesian even when her death threats were proven fake by Mundanne Matt,  Anita Sarkeesian played the victim and claimed that her life was in danger regarding the death threat that made her cancel her Utah Campus University despite it being debunked by Thunderf00t as a hoax and they both paint the GamerGate group and MRA's as the villains despite the head of the MRA's calling for a bounty of the head of the guy threatening Anita Sarkesesian and GamerGate Leaders tracking down the guy originally sending Anita Death Threats in Brazil and yet despite this massive blatant damage control and misinformation, Anita and Wu were able to spread their lies from CNN to BBC and from Washington Post to New York Times.

However despite the massive damage control, we stood strong and in fact grew stronger and you want to know why ? Because the SJW's are terrible at arguments and terrible at debates. Best examples of this was last month when David Pakman interviewed Brianna Wu to discuss #Gamergate and the threats against her; Brianna ends up accusing David of conducting a hit piece interview. The following day  David Pakman interviews Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos to give his side of the story with regard to an interview with Brianna Wu that never took place, and to give his view on #GamerGate , this further proves the gap in integrity and intellectual arguments between the Pro GamerGate Side and the Anit GamerGate Side and this was the beginning of the end for the media bltiz against GamerGate.

David Pakman is part of the Young Turks, a massive Internet Video News Journalist site that is fighting against money in politics. Sure they're pretty liberal and socially progressive as seen with their Liberal leaning content and accusations of Liberal bias and say what you wish about the Young Turks but they at least actually believe within Social Progressives and pratice what they preach unlike SJW's. If anything The Young Turks constantly addresses the double standards with both men and women and actually take a more eilaigtrain approach regarding Men's Rights and Women's Rights. They're also funding Wolf pace to get money out of Politcs and they go out their way to expose corruption within the two party system. Brianna Wu arrogantly thought that just because they're a liberal site, they would automatically support the Anti Gaming Gate Crowd.

However as Secular Talk's Klye Kunishi showed with his direct attack on Progressive media against GamerGate.

And Anna kasparin's indirect attack against SJW's against Gamergate regarding Shirtgate. the TYT are clearly not on the SJW's side and never were. If anything the more they harass David Pakman, the more i welcome Cenk Uygar to drop an elbow in the sky on these SJW's and really, we can use the TYT on this because we need their Anti Corruption attitude against the corruption of Gaming Journalism and mainstream media because let's face it, this is a money in politics issue because this goes all the way to the top of the food chain itself and for those who are critical of the TYT, i respect you're disagreements with them but if i can put aside my own disagreements with Birebart and The American Enterprise Institute , you can put your own political bias aside because say what you want about the TYT but they're one of the few voices who aren't going to cave into SJW bullshit, that is more than i say about what has happened with one of our own former Anti SJW ailles.

Stephen Colbert's infamous interview with Anita Sareskian which i watched on Comedy Central itself with my brother the day it came out. I was expecting Stephen Clbert to pull a Juijustu on Anita and hang her by her own words, but then i saw him basically repeating the same strawman arguments Anti GamerGaters have been saying against us and he basically threw softballs at Anita, it became clear that Sliver String Media bribed Comedy Central and paid them off to be in support of Anita,especially when you see them remove the comments system on their official YT video regarding the interview.

What's ironic about this is that SJW's praise this as a victory against GamerGate however as Thunderf00t pointed out, not only does this show massive hypocrisy on the front of Anita Sarkeesian herself going to the same person who she considered " Racist" and "Anti Feminist" before, but she couldn't even name 3 video games on air, yes Miss Pop Culture Crtic couldn't even name 3 games.

Which reaffirms that she's not a real gamer. Hell if anything it not only proves she doesn't know any games that don't involve ripping people's heads off which aren't the vast majority of games made but she's a real shitty DJ with that shitty song "Too many dicks on the dance floor" and quite a class act with that song too. Really she's as real of a gamer as Uwe Boil.

If anything Nostalgic Critic describes Antia Sareskiann prefectly in one minute.

Hell if anything this proves she's bascially nothing without her puppetmaster boyfirend John Mcintosh. If anything Thunderf00t parallels Anita with Sarah Palin and yes i will eventually get to my own comparisons of that. If this is what SJW's consider a victory, i wonder what they consider a defeat.

If anything let's face it, the big problem with the SJW's as a whole is their immense arrogance and ego. This can be reflected by Mother Jones editor Ben Dreyfuss tweets that "it would be funny to play pinata with the bodies of white straight men who hung themselves" while talking about #gamergate, meanwhile you have the GamerGaters having rational,reasonable discussions about ethics in journalism as seen when David Pakman interviews Pro-gg and gamer Jennie Bharaj to discuss her views on the issues of video game journalistic corruption, fraud, and more and the following day avid Pakman interviews Gaming comentator and critic John Bain aka TotalBiscuit to discuss #GamerGate, Journalistic ethics, harassment, gifts, bribes and more. Even Anti GamerGater Jimmy Wales posts on a Wikipedia talk page that collusion exists in the gaming journalism industry after he viewed information on GameJournoPros. "Having looked at the leaked emails, I would say that the allegations of collusion are largely and obviously true. So there's not really any justification for us to go further than "denied". So SJW's lost their Wikipedia ally in the process of their media biltz due to their arrogance, ego and idiocy .


The media bltiz declined greatly and died out as a whole throughout this month as the Mid Term Elections hijacked the mainstream media and hence the SJW's lost a major card in their damage control attempts(Not like it worked anyways) and have to rely on the increasingly Pro Gamer Gate David Pakman network and Huffigton Post who are getting increasinly fed up with their lack of debate and smear tatics.

Speaking of arrgoance and Ego, this month started with IGF judge Mattie Brice tweets "judging IGF games now, and automatically rating low any games with men in them. loving all this power." Yeah this is how delusional the SJW's have become, they've become this immensly arrgoant and full of their own shit that they're not even hiding their bias and corruption. We also started with the hairlous intrevew with Arthur Chu as David Pakman discusses with 'nerd culture blogger' Arthur Chu about #Gamergate and #Tweetlikenotyourshield, Authur like Brianna couldn't handle crticism and got butthurt everytime he was asked questions

Meanwhile the Pro GamerGate side continued their raitonal and reasonable debates as David Pakman interview with's Admin Fredderick Brennan aka Hotwheels/Copypaste who denounces Brianna Wu's Doxing and Harassment , intreview with Liana Kerzner, Canadian cosplayer, sex-positive feminist and video game writer and interviews with Matthew Rappard from The Fine Young Capitalists to discuss their involvement in #gamergate and details surrounding the doxxing of Zoe Quinn. David Pakman still remains a netural on the Gamer Gate issue but seems to be leaning Pro gamer Gate however that's more than enough to have SJW's troll and spam Pakman with hate messages and threats.

Speaking of intimidation and slienicing tatics. Milo Yiannopoulos's nero account is suspended on twitter causing him to temporarily switch to alternate account caligula. Milo Yiannopoulos's nero account is restored on twitter the following day but he's doxxed again as he had a dead animal sent to his home which proved that the doxxing was coming from Anti GG.GamerGate Supporter Roguestar repeatedly has his account banned on twitter.As of 17 Nov 2014, Roguestar's twitter is still suspended. Suspect abuse of twitters reporting system.The CBC runs a hitpiece on GameGate in which Milo Yiannopoulos and David Pakman are implied to have been involved in harassing women.CBC writer John Bowman later states on twitter that "The fact is 'ethics in video game journalism' is not a topic of interest to a broad radio or online audience" but that "The harassment of women in technology is of wide interest."GamerGate supporter Mikie the Gengstar tweets that someone called 911 and had the police sent to his house under false pretenses.GamerGate supporter Margeret Gel tweets that she was SWATed.

Yeah, you didn't hear wrong. We're talking about SWAT teams coming into your fucking home because you made a tweet questioning the SJW's.Swatting is the act of tricking an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing a 9-1-1 dispatcher) into dispatching an emergency response based on the false report of an on-going critical incident. Episodes range from large to small, from the deployment of bomb squads, SWAT units and other police units and the concurrent evacuations of schools and businesses to a single fabrica police report meant to discredit an individual as a prank or personal vendetta. While it is a misdemeanor or a felony in the USA in and of itself to report any untruth to law enforcement, swatting can cause massive disruption to the civil order and the public peace by the hoaxed deployment of police and other civic resources such as ambulances and fire departments. 

So yeah this is how fucking petty, hypocrtical and retarded SJW's are. They complain about online harassment and trolls and yet they're willing to send in SWAT teams with automatic weapons to silence you and intimidate you for disagreeing with them on a petty issue of video games , all while wasting the time of police units that can be doing their jobs and saving lives. This is how much these people care about Social Justice, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars that should be used to help people to slience people speaking against them.

But wait , it gets better !Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard, tweets that someone should turn the GamerGate blocker into an employment blacklist. So not only do these people want to use Police State terrorist tactics that sound like Nazi Germany tatcis, they also want to legally blacklist and disenfranchise people who disagree with them ? Essentially they're saying that people who disagree with them should starve in the streets homeless with no regard for that persons livelihood and for no regard of that person's survival or if that person has a family. Social Justice Warriors my fucking ass ! These guys are comparable to the most heartless, cold hearted Right Wing Douchebags who essentially want the poor to die off by cutting off Social Security and Food Stamps and give all their money to the rich. You can't call yourself a SJW and support people being homeless and improvished. You're essentially a Social Hipster Injustice Tryant Lord or SHITlord. Martin Luther King Jr would slap you in the face if he heard this kind of talk and he's a preacher of non violence.

The worse thing about this is that they're not joking about trying to blacklist people who they don't like. The Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA), released a page on how to deal with online harassment. The resource includes a link to the anti-gamergate twitter blocklist bot created by Randi Harper and describes individuals on it as "some of the worst offenders in the recent wave of harassment."  The list automatically blocks anyone who has followed nero, @PlayDangerously, @RogueStarGamez, @TheRalphRetort, @_icze4r, @RealVivianJames, or @CHOBITCOIN, and does not analyze any content of user tweets for harassment. Blocked twitter accounts include Roberto Rosario chairperson of IGDA Puerto Rico. Rosario tweets for the IGDA to remove him from the list or he will submit his resignation next Tuesday.They're willing to purge their own for not agreeing 100%, that's grade a Stalinism right there. David Pakman releases a video with his reaction and thoughts on having one of his twitter accounts being put on the ggautoblocker blocklist so yeah, even if you're a moderate on the GamerGate issue, you're going to be demonized by Anti GamerGate.

Meanwhile what have the Pro GamerGate side been doing ? They've contintute to fight the censorship, misinfromation and corruption within the Gaming Industry.Jennie Bharaj launches an indiegogo campaign for intends to be a gaming review site which operates similarly to've been exposing more of Anti Gamer Gates corruption and we've been getting more and more supporters on our side.

Which makes sense why Anti GG is running scared. Freebsdgirl (Randi Harper) creator of ggautoblocker, publicly released the email address and name to her twitter followers of a GamerGate supporter that contacted FreeBSD, the non-profit software organizaton she regularly contributes to.She later removed this information after denying doxxing allegations due to claims of the email being posted on a public mailing list. These claims are incorrect however, as FreeBSD's marketing email (marketingfreebsd) does not appear on any public mailing lists.freebsdgirl's email address also does not appear on FreeBSD's administration pageBy releasing this information, freebsdgirl has violated FreeBSD's privacy policy. So yeah, they're resorting to doxxing and promoting state terrorism and Facisim.

And how do i know this ? Because Anita Sareskian and her gang of radical Feminist lobbyists appeared to lobby for the senate to to something about the Online Harassment issue. The laws they're trying to push are not only massively authoritarian but dangerous not only against gamer but against society as a whole.these Feminists are pushing forward a new form of SOPA, this time rather than going after internet piracy, they're doing this as a form to protect women from harassment and conflating the recent #CelebrityGate scandal with #GamerGate in a massive Orwellian move to push forward mass censorship of the media and are pushing to kill Net Neutrality itself. This is the real face of the Establishment Feminists Eilte that has been feared and hated for years.

What i've learned from GamerGate?

     The last 3 months have been one giant reflection of my own beliefs and questioning everything i believe. My positions have actually evolved within the last 3 months with regards of the MRA's, Libertarian  and even Moderate Conservatives. Believe it or not, but my mentality just a year ago was more in line with Feminists, even prior to GamerGate in which i've become more cynical of Feminism, i leaned more towards Feminism. Now i currently lean towards the side of the MRA's purely by the fact they suffered the same demonization gamers have suffered in the last 3 months for the last 3 years.

    Admittedly, i was slowly becoming more Anti Feminist overtime between SJW's destruction of Occupy Wall Street and their ruination of the Atheist Community but i still identified myself as a Sex Positive Feminist up until 2013 within a argument with a friend of mines i won't mention here. Then earlier this year i became basically a eiligatrain Feminist when it came to the issue of Suey Park,Ban Bossy and the Slut Shamming of Belle Knox done by Feminists, then came the Eillot Rodger polictzation in which the MRA's were demonized by Feminists and i stopped calling myself a Feminist all together and now between GamerGate and Shritgate, i'm borderline MRA ,even having joined the Men's Rights Forum on DA as recently as two weeks ago while maintaining membership within the more Egiliatrain Facts Not Feminism Group on DA.

    I've also become more alligned with the Libertrain part, going from believing in their ideology 40% of the time to around 59% of the time. I still massively disagree with the blind assertion that the free market can fix everything, every ideology has a limit to it. I still lean a bit more on Socialism about 60% for their beliefs but what i learned was even more important that than. I found common grounds with Conservatives regarding Freedom of Speech and even Constitutionality who are more Rightist than Conservatives on the issues of Free Speech and i barely agree with them on anything and yet they've respect my opinion much between the the SJW Democrats i agree more with .

    Hence that's what separates us GamerGaters from the  SHITlords against GamerGate. Our side contains far more diversity not just in skin color or sex or creed but in ideology. On the left end spectrum, you got Thunderf00t who is Very Liberal and progressive who seems to be within the Liberal /Libertarian majority of Gamers , on the Right end of the spectrum, you got Benard Chapin who is a Conservative Libertarian  who is pro Gamer Gate and a Anti Feminist MRA. You got Equity Feminists like Christina Hoff Summers who is a moderate  Libertarian  agreeing with Paul Elam, a Conservative  Libertarian  Anti Feminist and leader of a Voice For Men. You have prominent MRA Karen Straughan agreeing with Sex Positive Feminist porn star Mercedes Carrera on GamerGate. You have Breibart Editor  Milo Yiannopoulis, a openly Gay Conservative Moderate agreeing with David Pakman, a Moderate Liberal Secular Jew and you have everyone from every color and sexuality in GamerGate.

    What does the SHITlords have ?Mostly f
    at, balding, middle aged men who are white, young white hipster douchebags who are mostly white and a few token minorities, that's about it. If anything they lack diversity as a whole and not just in racial composition. In the XOXO festival in Oregon, there seems to be far less women than men within those rallies and almost a disproportionate amount of them being white men. Hence the term "White Knight " starts to make sense now. What's even less diverse is their ideology. Whereas us gamers can allow even Jack Thompson into our fold who is a Homophobic Right Wing Christian who wanted to ban violent video games , you're not allowed in the SHITlord community to have a different view from their own otherwise they paint you as a MRA, CIS Scum that needs to be destoryed.

    For those who have been following me for over a month , you know i've been getting shit from people who should normally agree with me 60% of the time but turn into my worst enemies because i dare speak out against Anita . You know who i'm referring to? People like :iconvalendale: and :iconparty9999999: who should be the most crtical of Anita Sareskian and Zoey Qunin are the biggest supports despite they're Socialist/Communists views and the one's the most critical of Capitalism are the one's supporting Feminists Capitalism. I would also mention a certain Anti-MRA, Pro Zoey Qunin troll from Sweden but i don't need my page to be spammed with anymore of that persons bullshit and i'm sure i'm going to get shit from him when i eventually bash the ultra PC bullshit Lefist nation of Sweden anyways. 

    Worse yet are people like 
     Joss Whedon who goes from sane, rational Feminists who makes excellent movies to comparing GamerGate to the “Klan Day Kare”. Seriously Whedon, are you trying to get people to boycott your movie ? Because don't think GamerGate won't boycott your movie because of that one statement, look what we're doing to Gawker. I'm just going to assume you're misinformed and ignorant on this because i read want to see Age of Ultron and see the Hulk vs Ironman fight and Ultron and it would be ashame i can't talk to my firend about this movie. Considering i haven't hear much from you at all lately, i think you made the wise decision to keep your mouth shut and not risk people boycotting your movie, what you need to do is apologize and do research into GamerGate like Jimmy Wales did and then we would respect you again.

    However what i learned the most is that there is a Liberal equivalent of a real world illuminati. What i once thought to be speculative fiction from the Alex Jones and Glenn Becks of the world about this grand progressive conspiracy to censor anyone who doesn't agree with them sadly is true. What i once though was some crazy attempt to project Right Wing Intolerance of criticism and Right Wing's support of Censorship is sadly the reality we're facing in GamerGate. This isn't a Right Wing attack on our freedoms however silmair they might appear to be, this is an attack of Progressive,liberal Media against Gamers. The same way Rightist Thugs on Fox News attacked protesters of the Iraq War have parallels to how PC Progressive Media is now attacking GamerGate, just replacing the terms of" Terrorist" with "Misogynist"  and  "Anti American" with "MRA". Sadly as stupid as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are, they're right about one thing, Progressives that represent SJW's are a cancer that is destroying America.

     These SJW's are no different from the Far Right who preached against the SuperBowl this year for releasing a Coco Cola ad that celebrated the diversity of America. Much like the Far Right, these guys on the "Far Left" are against diversity. They hate anything that goes outside it's own cultural barriers, they're against anyone who is CIS gendered, Straight white and male, they're about policing hate speech all while casually preaching Anti White and Anti Male statements and preaching equality while wanting to maintain the status quo that disenfranchised people of color.

    To think months before GamerGate i arrogantly dismissed the ideal that Liberals can be just as racist as Conservatives. I like to apologize to people i criticized in the past for seeming ridiculous regarding Liberal Racism.

    :Icondeltahd : I deeply apologize for calling you a bigot regarding Heterophobia, this was back when i was barely aware of the systematic bigotry against whites on social media and sorry for comparing you to Right Wing Fascists regarding you're thoughts on LGBT, that was before i was aware of these SJW extremists who hijacked the LGBT community as well.

    Boy it says something when i once thought to be a bunch of small, irrelevant bigots on the internet turned out to be a sizable minority comparable to the worst Rightists in this country.…

    The overwhelmingly Hypocrisy of SJW'S 

    Which brings me to the biggest problem i have with these so called Social Justice Warriors. You're alll a bunch of frauds ! You people don't give two shits about ethics, you people give zero fucks about the poor, you people give zero fucks about minorities and you people give zero fucks about women. You only care for yourself and Feminists like Anita Sareskiann and Zoey Qunin reflect that mentality.

    Where are you're charities ? How is it that the group that preaches the most about Social Justice have such lackluster  if not non existent amount of donations?   Why is it that you people seem to care more about donating to Anita Saeksrian's Pateron than donating to UNICEF? Why do you defend Zoey Qunin sabotaging a Feminist charity event that was being done to get women into gaming and to get funds for cancer research ?  Do you not care about the sick and dying? Aren't you people in favor of Universal Healthcare? If you are, then why do you support Anita Sarkesian who is against paying taxes and filled for Tax Exempt Status? Why do you support Zoey Qunin who doesn't pay taxes and gets surpluses of money tax free from her followers and yet not give a cent of money in return in charities ?  If you people really did give two shits about improving the quality of life for all Americans, why is it that  Conservative states outdo you in charity overall ?   I might have my own disagreements with Libertarians regarding the debate of universal healthcare but they do bring some valid arguments to the table regarding quality of healthcare vs qaunity and bring up the fact that those who want the government to pay for the bill don't do enough charity compared to the opponents of it . While i think Healthcare is a right, i think that charities should also be allowed and people serious about improving health and quality should give to charities.'

    And that's just the beginning of the venomous, weapons grade hypocrisy of the SJW's . If you guys are against Slut Shamming, why is it that Belle Knox complained that the biggest slut shammers were the Feminists ? Why do you morons support Anita Sareksiean who went on the record to not only oppose slut walks but went on the record admitting she's an  Anti Sex Feminists and in both of her recent videos have repeatedly shammed sex workers? Why do you support Gail Dines who wants to ban Porn and make more draocihan Prostitution laws ? If you oppose slut shamming, then why do you hate porn ?  Why do you find porn objecifyting ?  Why do you want to maintain the status quo ban on Prostitution which is the ultimate form of Slut Shaming and sexism against women's sexual freedoms invented back when there was still a Patriarchy? To the Beta Male White Knights who preach they're Ultra Feminists, why do you write articles slut shamming Bayonetta 2 yet fap to porn  ?  You're hypocrites if you're claiming to defend  the honor of  "Sluts " while doing the slut shamming against people you don't like or agree with you and yet fap to the "Patriarchal" porn you're trying to ban.

    Then  there's the whole banning shit you don't like . How exactly is that progressive or Liberal ?  You want to legalize Marijuana and Gay Marriage which is fine by me, me and 99.9% of Libertarians are actually in agreement with you. You know were we call bullshit on ?  You trying to ban gun ownership which is immensely hypocritical and just shows how pathetically submissive you are to statist mentality. If you're going to fight any Heirarchy, you think banning guns would be a smart idea ?  Oh right i forgot i'm dealing with a bunch of spoiled privilege brats who never had to fear being profiled our gunned down by cops that are suppose to protect and serve you.  Remember Occupy Wall Street, the fucking event you ruined ?  Yeah i think i would love to have an AR-15 against the son of a bitch who shoots unarmed black children or spray mase in unarmed,peaceful protesters face. Also if you're pro drugs but anti gun and vice versa, you're part of the problem, not the solution. Also on a sidenote, if you think you live in a rape cutlre, best thing to keep in your purse is a UZI to blast any motherfucker who  tries to rape you.

    Then there's the constant hatred of the MRA's from you SJW's. 
    . Also you seem to be unaware that anyone can call themselves a Feminist and tries to claim all Feminists are for equal rights yet hypocritically dismisses MRA's as all Right Wing Reactionaries.Speaking i do question which MRA's have you been talking too and exactly what about them is reactionary ? Most of the MRA's i know aren't much different from most Moderate and Liberal Feminists i know. If anything, can you name me a big named MRA that is against Women's Rights  ?  Against Gay Marriage  ? Against racial equality or against equality? Hell if anything, they hate Conservatives with a passion as well as Liberals and Fringe Feminists. They're mostly centrists with a Libertarian leaning in either left or right spectrum, which is no different than most moderate Feminists and real women's rights activists . Hell by your logic, the MRA's actually Socialists and Feminists because  apparently you can't be a egalitarian, you have to be a Feminist to care about equality. But given you're massive Anti MRA bias, it's probably the reason why MRA's are so reluctant to joining Feminism  because they don't distance themselves from their fringes enough. Once again i'm curious to know which MRA group you have been talking too because most of them sound no different from Christina Hoff Summers  who is a Feminist. Both her and Paul Ealm agree that were there are issues with Women's Rights in the west, there are also increasing problems for Men's Rights as well. 

    If anything given  by your own words that you sooner si
    de with hateful, misandric Feminists sooner than you side with a moderate MRA member, i beg the question why do you even call yourself a SJW ?  What a joke ! You're nothing more but a poser and a Hipster! You side with bigots more than you would with people who are moderates! Seriously buddy, did you even read communists history  ?  Do you even know what SJW was about ?  The SJW who fought for their beliefs, well intentioned or not were fighting  for all races and genders. 

    The so called SJW's you support only care for people who aren't like them, they hate whites and hate men when a sizable majority of them are white men, they claim to represent diversity for minorities but not only do they not  have that said diversity, they are quick to be racist towards minorities who are in disagreement with there views and they claim to be fighting for a cause but all they're doing is fighting to market off vitcimhood and ignorance.

     Buddy, being Anti White doesn't make you a SJW  you retards, it makes you a Fascist and a racist. Racism isn't just something white people do, all races can be racist towards each other and the fact you fail to grasp that while hypocritically claiming to fight for all races further discredits your argument and makes you look even more of a bigotted moron, especially when you're white. You're basically like Uncle Ruckus, only white, you have the same literal self hatred and everything.

    Being against male inequalities doesn't make you for equal rights, it makes you a sexist bigot the same way a Muslim extremists is a Misogynist.  Here you are ,demonizing male civil rights groups who are basically doing the same things as Feminists groups and here you are ranting about white male privilege when  you're both white and male. Buddy you're full of shit  and you're a self hating man.

    Feminism is basically your equivalent to nationalism. You have blind faith and support within the movement and extremely critical of anyone who doesn't agree with you. For fuck sake, just for disagreeing on men with one issue when we agreed on 96% of the time before further proves how insane you are with your belief of Feminism. You're against facts that undermine your Feminist Propaganda the same way the U.S and U.K. government fear leaks of information that threatens they're propaganda. You have the same hatred and fear of science as the Tea Party who are ultra nationalists and you label anyone who criticizes you an Anti Feminist much like how Tea party Patriots label anyone critical of America Anti American.

    And most ironically, you're far from an actual SJW. You're supporting Anita Saresikan, a person who is about as Capitalist as you can get. She's basically the Alex Jones of Feminism. She's a con artists who ripped off her loyal fanbase by getting $ 160,000 in research funds and yet steals Let's Play footage from Youtube, caught admitting she's not a gamer, caught with numerous scandals regarding money and not a single one of her latest videos got any updates in production qaulity. You Support Zoey Qunnin, a woman who sabotaged a women's gaming promotion to get cash and slept with 5 journalists to promote her game and profit from the scandals and you support Gaming Journalism which profits from propaganda  and has an etlist attitude against the general masses. In other words, you're in support of the bourgeois society or in short  "The Partiarchy"

    Which brings the ball back to your court  "Progressives"  or SJW's, how are you any better than the Far Right wing branch of the Tea Party  ?  The answer is you're not at all better than them. You're the Feminist Taliban, the same way Far Righsts are the Judeo Christian Tailban. You honestly think pushing forward this act that would make you safe ?  Make you loved by the people ?  How fucking naive and stupid ! That's the same childish mentality from the Far Right who think we should make America a Theoracry. By trying to push for censorship of speech that offends and disagrees with you or hurts your feelings, you're setting up a slippery slope for a series of problems to occur.

    This goes far beyond Ethics in Journalism 

    I know i'm going to sound like a broken record on this but i mean it, this has moved past the point of ethics in Journalism. I used to think that the Koch Brothers were the #1 threat to our democracy, that is until i recently learned of their voting record from :iconkajm: . Contray to what i once beleived, the Koch Brothers aren't Far Right Wing, they're actually Libertarians.Koch was the 1980 vice presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party who campaigned on things like drug legalization and a non-interventionist foreign policy. If anything the Koch Brothers are no less of a threaten to our Democracy directly than  Geogre Soros himself, granted i don;'t want their money in politcs but they're not that much of a threat compared to DIGRA and SOCTUS, the source of this new wave of Feminism.…

    Radical Feminists and Cultural Marxist PC police like DIARGA and SCOTUS have already succeeded and they've successfully turned colleges into their PC echo chambers successfully brainwashing people with gender studies programs and actually turning them into this new wave of SJW warriors who fight for their Feminists Eilte masters to speared the falsehood of  "Cultural Marxism" when in reality, they're backing a massive Capitalist establishment that is slowly replacing the declining Evangelical movements who once had a grip on this country.

    These Feminist have shown their true colors within the past year. It started off with the whole doxxing and slut shamming of Sex Positive Feminist porn star Belle Knox in an attempt to convert her to their ideology, then then continued with Suey Park wanting to Cancel Colbert, then the Ban Bossy Campaign, then the demoinzation of the MRA's within the Eillot Rodger Shooting, then there's the Hollaback movement,FCK8 movement and Shirtgate, all part of the same cult that wants to kill gaming culture, Radical Feminism

    #GamerGate is a fight against corrupt and lazy media narratives. But it's also leading the pushback against a strange new form of puritanism, one that employs the idea of offended sensibilities as an excuse to censor and exorcise people who've drawn its ire.Like most authoritarians, the neo puritans are maddened by the little displays of rebellion: a tacky shirt here, the heaving cleavage of a videogame heroine there, all those little infractions add up, don't they? Better to stamp out this nonsense now, before we have a full-scale thought-riot on our hands.The neo puritans insist they like the idea of diversity. In fact, it is one of their foundational myths. But the diversity they want is just a shallow and superficial facade, one that requires the checking off of various gender and cultural boxes but does not brook any diversity of thought or taste. Real diversity, one that manifests itself in strong dissent and challenging ideas, is anathema to the neo puritans.

    And it's these little shows of intolerance, whether its hypersensitivity to bowling shirts, the petty censorship on social media or, yes, their ham-fisted attempts at disguising political lectures as video game journalism that are really starting to isolate the neo puritans from their casual supporters. Most people secretly despise finger-wagging, small-minded moralizers. And #ShirtGate is nearly the petty pinnacle of this mindset. If anything just ask  my friend:iconepicebi:  about that, this level of puritan hipsterism is what made him consider not calling himself a Feminist as recently as yesterday and adopt the GamerGate hashtag

    Taking a stance.
    Yes, GamerGate's primary goal and purpose is ethical reforms in games media and journalism, but the villains who are behind ShirtGate are cut from the same cloth and are using the same arguments and tactics as those who are behind GamerGate. These bigots  use women as a shield  to project their vile anti sex hatred and msiandric bigotry onto others and play the vitcim when they're called out.

     Neo Liberals and Neo Feminists are masters of manipulation and deceit and masters of sitriing up base emotions to support their root cause. The consequences of not fighting and them winning are vast.

    If anything  Goku has  alot to say to people like Gawker and Kotaku who think they can bully  their consumers into silence

    This is what Toutrettes guy have to say about anyone who threatens free speech

    And here is  Goku with a speech directed at Radical Feminist thugs like Anita Sareskian.

    GamerGateis the light of the Universe, GamerGate is Truth. Ally to Good, Nightmare to you (Anita)

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    ChrisKinairu Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
    Remember when SJWs tried going after a pro-gamergate person, but got the wrong twitter and attacked a fruit vendor instead?  #gamerfruit was amusing to me.

    Remember how KFC was on that blocklist?  Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Seriously.  I never knew that fast food could be one of 'the worst harassers'.

    Remember how people bragged about pirating Adobe's products directly to Adobe when Adobe pulled their advertising?

    Remember how the SJW patrol actively tries to push female developers out of video game development because of their pro-GG stance?

    These people need to be stopped.  I wish that I had the skills to show them their own hypocrisy and make them understand the gravity of their own actions.  I wish that teaching people to have thicker skin in regards to criticism and differing opinions was a priority in society, along with the ability to ignore petty insults.

    They don't understand that hate begets hate.  Labels only divide.  The only one that matters to me is 'human', and that's because that's the only sentient and sapient race in this world.
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist
    No i don't remember that,please send me a tweet.

    Didn't Raplh Reort cover that ?  That was actually hilarious as hell.

    What morons.

    I remember them harassing moderate Anti Gamers because they weren't Anti Gamer Gate enough and i remember their cyber terrorist attacks on female developers.

    Just upload screencaps and if you have a YT account and can make videos, make videos against them.

    AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
    Wow!  Very In Depth!  I learned a lot!
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist
    Thanks.What exactly did you learn ?
    AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
    Exactly how this whole GamerGate thing got started!
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist
    rjigbh Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
    @FartToContinue was one of the people used in FreeBSDGirl's list…
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist
    I see, so they're blocking people they disagree with  ? Typical SJW nonsense
    Artman40 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
    You did a good job at summarizing it. Some spelling mistakes should be corrected though.
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist
    I'll correct that soon.
    Kajm Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
    Almighty God. Do I Dare take the time to get into sub-cultures such as these? *lol* NO.

    We disagree on one specific topic, but Damn! You do make it Interesting! :clap: - Oy, they really need a better emoticon, you deserve it!
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Hobbyist
    Which one ?

    Kajm Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
    Heh. Well, climate. However please keep in mind that I do not 'deny' anything there- it is the strength of the human effect on climate, which I and other skeptics are arguing on. After 8 years of researching and learning on the subject, I keep coming back to one conclusion: most who argue for 'man-made' global warming, appear to believe that the current shift in climate is entirely human-caused, and absolutely catastrophic. There appears to be NO middle ground in their argument. That's why I have serious trouble with the '24 papers' claim, there's Massive amounts of information being left out of that 'argument.' And while I hate even mentioning this, you will find valendale and that other person I linked you to, agree with you at that level.
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist
    Well i guess i see were you're coming from, i can't personally find middle grounds on these papers either, then again Science is notoriously lacking in middle grounds when it comes to Peer Reviews. I personally think that Climate Change is happening and has the potential to be catartaspohric in the future, currently it's at best tolerable and can be fixed if acted upon, after all you got another 100 years at best before the planet really gets fucked over.

    Yeah i know, which is why i find it disappointing he can't find middle grounds on GamerGate but agree with me on Climate Change.
    AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
    I actually opposed Climate Change Theories largely because of the prevailing demands of the SJWs that if you believe in Man Made Climate Change, you should swallow all their beliefs.  For example, I am a supporter of Organics and I disagree with fellow conservative Rush Limbaugh that it's merely a Liberal Scheme to try people into paying more for produce.  My main beef with Commercial Organics is that they are growing the crop in Third World countries now, using up more land that people need to grow a crop at a premium that will never be enjoyed (well, except for the culls) by the poor people of that nation.  My grievances against this were covered in the Graphic Novel Series, THIRD WORLD WAR, a story where a Social Activist woman living the future avoids jail time for opposing the government by joining a Corporate Sponsored "Peace Corps" that involves trying to homogenize the entire world towards the attitudes and beliefs of The Western Democracies.  In the comic, the Social Activist learns that this food corporation she ends up working for is actually taking food crops and livestock in Third World Countries and selling it in the Western Countries to undermine their competitors.  But as a consequence the people in those countries end up having to consume cheaper alternatives.

    In the story, "Coola Cola Kid" deals with a Central American Country where a Soda Company that the food corporation owns is encouraging the people in that country to drink soda, while at the same time taking healthy Citrus Juices out of that nation's Citrus Crop and bottling and selling it at a better premium to The Western Countries.…

    Also another reason I oppose Man Made Climate Change is it seems we don't really solve the problem of Industrial Air Pollution/Green House Gas Production, we just move the production facilities that cause around the planet to places where people are too to complain about it.  In the Seventies, American Factories closed up in the United States and moved production overseas, mainly to the much cheaper labor area of The People's Republic Of China.  Now that the Chinese are now affluent enough to demand clean air and water, the Chinese Government is encouraging moving those production facilities out of China and into Africa.…
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist
    I don't like this association fallacy that because SJW's bleeive it, that i shouldn't have to. Not trying to sound antagonistic or anything, just saying.

    I accept Climate Change because of the peer reviewed research done by many science, many that also reject the bullshit gender studies within the SJW Academia but i do see what you mean by questioning the research.

    Well i kinda agree with Rush on that one regarding the fact that there is over charging of organic food in this country, where i disagree with is this being a Liberal scheme. It's a marketing issue  because organic food is healthier and hence going to be more expensive and i doubt Rush wants Organic food to be less expensive than normal food so he's just a moron in general.

    Agreed, that's the real scheme within Organic companies but that's been a problem of all Multinational Lassie Fair coproations for decades. They don't want to pay workers in America money and don't want to waste money and resources here so they go into the Third World, use the resources there and use the poor as labor, sometimes even as slave labor. Coco Cola does the same thing in that regards to labor as i've seen documentaries on how they use nations like Pakitsan to produce cheap labor and land and depelt wells of water for their soda.

    I see why you have criticism of Climate Change but it seems to be more geared towards the business pratrcies of the coropations rather than the Cilmate Science itself. IO do agree that the problem with this is the fact coropations are unregulated and have no accountably and no regard for any of their partcies and they'll just move outwards to aviod the cilamte change regulations. The question is how do we handle this problem regarding the coropations outssourcin.
    AzabacheSilver Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
    My first statement meant, if you agree with the SJW's on anything, they ostracize you simply because "you aren't a smart as they are" to swallow everything they are taught to believe in.

    As far as Climate Change goes, I remember in 1985 watching the original Cosmos, where Carl Sagan predicted imminent catastrophic climate change in 20 years.  I was heart broken as I thought much of the opportunities I sought in life would not be there as everyone would be living a subsistence living like the game, Fall Out.  After that didn't come to pass, I became much more skeptical of pronouncements from the scientific community as I saw them as arrogant.  I still like the use of the scientific method of discovery, but I questioned even Sagan's dedication to that high minded idea.

    “Few scientists now dispute that today’s soaring levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere will cause global temperature averages to rise by as much as nine degrees Fahrenheit sometime after the year 2000, Sagan said.…

    Rush thinks everyone should avoid Organics as it only feeds into the Produce Industry going along with the Liberal Left.  But personally I believe in Organics, as Organic Gardening uses methods that were used in the past to grow food.  These are not scientifically unproven methods of growing food, using strictly chemical fertilizers and pesticides is.  But maybe Rush has a reason for promoting Chemical Farming, Ortho and Bayer Crop Science were once some  of his big buyers of Ad Time on his show (Till the Sandra Fluke Fiasco).

    I saw a documentary on Front Line on PBS, where a German Mineral Water firm was buying up all the natural springs in Bolivia and making the peasants have to pay a utility bill for the water they used to go to the spring and get for free.  The Water Company said they gave the native cheap prices what they insisted was clean running water.  The Natives argued they had clean water already when they got it from the spring, even though they had to get buckets to get it.…

    Well I compare climate change to living in BioSphere 2 after being sealed inside, then seeing one of your fellow occupants using a can of spray paint on a maintenance project inside the BioSphere.  You know the chemicals in the spray paint are making the air unhealthy, yet the person argues that the amount of pollutants in minute.  Yet you notice they have several cans of Spray Paint, and much to paint.  It only makes sense that putting recognizably unhealthy emissions into the air is bad, yet there is a need to keep the Biosphere painted....
    Biosphere 2…

    Well business practices are driven in part by the fact that labor in a developed country demands a higher wage, forms a labor union to get that wage.  Then the Union drives up costs, especially if it becomes a big politically active union that needs the money to pay politicians to pass laws that are favorable for them to get even more money into the union's coffers.  Specifically the Minimum Wage law.  Then Corporations have to cut costs to keep the prices the same or lower than their competitors to stay in the market.  Add environmental regulations, and it makes sense to locate that big polluting factory and it's large work pool over seas so as to keep wages low and have cheap Production Plants to maintain. 

    The real problem is, as long as you want that bag of Potato Chips, there has to be a factory built to make the bag to keep the Potato Chips in.  The bag has to be plastic lined so that the chips will stay fresh enough until somebody buys them.  Thus a plastic plant must make the film to make the plastic lining, which requires plastic pellets to be converted to make that film.  The Plastic Plant then buys more Petroleum to make more Plastic Pellets to sell next month to the Chip Bag Company, which they know they will be paid by the Potato Chip company for their product.  Also Potatoes have to grown somewhere and they requires a tractor, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.  Then the Potatoes must be harvested by a crew and placed in large plastic production bins.  Then the Potato Bins are put through a huge packing plant, where they must be sized(the largest are sold to restaurants), checked for disease(rots must be thrown away in the culls), and sorted by appearance.  The best potatoes are shipped to customers willing to pay a premium for them.  The ugliest healthy potatoes are the ones that will end up in that potato chip bag.  They are usually loaded into a hopper car, then a locomotive takes them to processing plant where they unloaded and stored in a warehouse till they are needed to be sliced and fried to make chips.  Making Potatoes into a potato chips makes them into a conveniently available food source that last longer than if they were still ordinary potatoes.  And it extends the amount of potatoes that will be consumed out of the crop that would normally rot in the field.  A friend of mine I told this too, asked me why don't they just send all the potatoes to hungry countries in Africa.  I replied they would need to spend a lot of money just to move product that they would give away for free.  It's much cheaper to plow under potatoes than to donate them to distant charities.  However Food Banks regularly receive produce from Super Markets that buy those potatoes, but don't want to deal with the produce as it reaches the end of it's shelf life.
    345rv5 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist
    Oh, i see what you mean . Sorry for the confusion. If anything SJW's should be agreeing with me given i share alot of actual eilgiaatrain viewpoints and actually care about equality as a whole. My latest post highlights how SJW's do a disservice to the term SJW and Liberal. If anything they're the dumbasses who don't partcie what this preach.…

    I'll admit on some fronts Scientists overestimated the effects of climate change on some areas however recent studies prove we also underestimated climate change on other front.s We're seeing increased weather effects in the extremes, prolonged periods of  drought in California,  the Polar Vortexes happening as of late and other forms of disastrous effects of climate change. It's hard to dismiss what occurs with the Polar Vortex as anything aside from climate change.

    Rush is hating the organic industries for all the wrong reasons and hating only on one industry because of his retarded, biased agenda. Personally i'm not interested in Organic food products, i feel their too expensive though i do see the good intentions and health benefits regarding organic foods.Also note Limbaugh is basically a hypocrite given he says nothing about the Meat Inudstry's unethical partcies and chemical Farming.

    Yep. that's a grand example of corruption and multinational abuse of power, it's essentially imperialism and extortion on a industrial scale.

    Well the Unions exist simply to make sure corporate intrests don't undermine the workers rights , however i can see how the Unions overtime have become increasingly corruption given my mother worked in Macy's and  the Unions basically exorterd her of her fees. As for Minium Wage,we need a higher Minium wage for the struggling workers in this country that can barely get by via the current living wage. Essentially these coropations  are to blame for the ecomonics problems we face.

    So what is you're proposal to  maintain environmental regulations and get a decent workers compensation while maintaining a free market ?
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